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Since 1991

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Brothers, Jacob and Joey, both shown at age 2. Jacob was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate, and Joey was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  Both have had lip and palate repair

PLEASE NOTE: Information provided is not to be construed as medical advice, it is made available to you for informational purposes only. Check with your personal physician before embarking on any change in routine or in making decisions regarding your healthcare or that of your family.

One child in 700 is born with a cleft. It is the fourth most common birth defect, and the first most common facial birth defect. And yet so many parents feel so alone.

WIDE SMILES was formed to ensure that parents of cleft-affected children do not have to feel alone. We offer support, inspiration, information and networking for families everywhere who may be dealing with the challenges associated with clefting.

At WIDE SMILES we believe that, while it may not have been wonderful that our children were born with cleft, it is nonetheless true that our children who were born with cleft are wonderful. Together we share the struggle, the pain, the joy and the triumph of watching our children grow. Their challenges may be many, but we can face them together, learn from each other and help our children to recognize their beauty within.

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Photo Gallery

A picture's worth a thousand words. This area is priceless if you are traveling the same road. The Wide Smiles Photo Gallery features over 100 cleft-affected children and adults ... and the people who love them. Come and see a photo journey of their lives.

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Who Has a Cleft?

Join the free Email discussion group. Get support from other families who've traveled the same road.

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Outreach: Reaching out to a new family? Click here for Supportive documents.

KIDZ Club area is for kids, created by kids born with clefts. Stop by and have fun!

Journey: For Adults Born with Clefts

The People Side: Who Has A Cleft, 
Feelings on Birth, Surgery & More

Medical Resources

More Resources - Not all Cleft Related

Clefts & Beyond: Related Syndromes


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Joanne Green is Founding Director of Wide Smiles. Winner of 1997 Parent-Patient Leadership Award

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April 15, 1996

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Sept 18, 1996

Circle of Smiles Webring

Do you have a homepage? A webring links together homepages of a similar topic. This webring is open to any individual or family who is dealing with cleft lip and/or palate and/or other craniofacial anomalies.

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